Panoramic Measurement tool

Use 360 degree photos to do 'real life' measurements.

We developped 2 conveniant tools:
  • The 'PaMe Wizard', which is a Krpano add-on, allows you to include the 'measure tool' in your 'Krpano driven' Virtual Tour. This full version contains 4 ways of measuring. Besides that you will be able to save the calibrations and measurements, which you will experience as very conveniant. You can also 'block' the 'end-user' to touch the calibration. That also allows instant (!) measuring.
  • 'PaMe Light' which is a web based tool that allows you to just drag and drop your panos from your desktop. This light version has three ways of measuring.

  • Both tools are browser based. The PaMe Wizard works online or with a local server. PaMe Light works only online.
    If you are interested in an fully offline version, which is under construction, or a custom-made version, please contact me by email.

    Pame Wizard - introduction
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    Pame Light - introduction
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    Order your PaMe license (Wizard/Light) here

    Login for current users: PaMe Light

    Information about the PaMe Wizard

    The Pame Wizard is a Krpano add-on. You can easily add the PaMe Wizard to your Krpano based virtual tour. Besides that you can use GPS location to measure, save the calibrations ánd save the measurements which all together makes it a very conveniant tool to use.
    The PaMe Wizard will sell for € 89,- (ex. VAT & costs) per year, per Krpano license, per 1000 measurements.
    It is possible to extent the amount of measurements or duration of the PaMe Wizard.
    More information
    Information about the PaMe Light

    Pame Light offers you online access to the Tool to do Measurements in panoramic pictures.
    You will be ported to a pay-wall and when the payment is done you will get a login by email.
    From only € 7,50 (ex VAT & costs) you can use the Tool for 1 month, with a maximum of 100 measurements. This is the minimum usage option. Your 'month' will start when you do your first measurement. As soon as the time/date or the maximum amount of measurements is reached the tool will stop functioning. In this case you'll need to re-assign if you want to go on measuring in your panos.

    More information

    Since 2015 my Father and i developped this easy to use, but very accurate and light tool to do measurements using 360 degree photos. The name PaMe means besides a 'short' for 'Panoramic Measurements' also Pa and Me. 'Pa' means dad in Dutch.

    The differences between the two versions

    PaMe Wizard
    • Krpano Add-On
    • 4 measuring options, including GPS
    • License per year, per Krpano License
    • Save the calibration(s)
    • Save the measurements
    • Block calibration manipulation by end-users.
    • Custommade options

    PaMe Light
    • Online Service
    • Drag and Drop
    • 3 measuring options
    • Flexible licenses

    Contact Information

    Hauwert 44
    1691EH, Hauwert
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 (0) 653 227 116

    PaMe is a Virtual Tuur Product
    Chamber of Commerce no: 37150577
    VAT id: NL001653442B59